Dental Implants Abroad

Cheap Dental Implants Abroad

Some of our patients who have had dental implants placed abroad are amazed to discover the value for money services that we are now able to offer in UK.

Quite simply, dental implants abroad are no longer the affordable option.

On average, minimum 2 visits to a foreign clinic over 14 days are needed, and it is not uncommon for patients to stay abroad for as many as 30 days. This involves taking time off work and spending money on hotel bills and meals.

A patient having treatment in the UK would enjoy the comfort of their homes during their treatment.

Apart from loss of income and expensive air travel and hotel expenses there are many extras that are often overlooked when comparing the overall cost of treatment abroad, over and above the cost of the treatment itself, these are travel to and from UK airports to home, airport car parking, return taxi fares from airport to hotel and clinic whilst abroad and restaurant bills.

  • Also, what happens is there is a post-operative problem? You may have to return to the foreign clinic?
  • Will you be able to afford remedial work in UK if dentist abroad is not helpful?
  • Will the dentistry be of similar high standards as in UK?
  • Would you be able to resolve a difficult situation whilst in a hotel abroad and no local knowledge?
  • What about after-care? Will you have to travel abroad again for this, to maintain the treatment guarantee?

Whilst in UK, you can rest assure that you dentist is readily available to help you when you need them at short notice.

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