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Booking your Appointment - Mahesh Nagpal Southampton Cosmetic and Family Dentist

Please call the practice or contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. You are also welcome to visit us informally at the practice for a no obligation FREE chat.

To Book Your First Appointment

Please call the practice number or contact us, choose your location and one of our team members will be happy to help you choose a convenient appointment. Your visit will be customised to your needs and unrushed.

At your first appointment we will:

Ask You to Complete a Past Dental History, Medical History and Lifestyle Questionnaire

You will be greeted by our team at the surgery reception. We would request you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill a past dental, medical and lifestyle history questionnaire.

Medical conditions not only affect the dental health but are important in help choosing the right treatment options for you as well to ensure your comfort at all times in our surgery. For example, were you aware that diabetics are more prone to gum disease and if you have gum disease you are prone to be diabetic. We would also request you to bring a prescription of any medications that you may be taking.

Were you aware, that some medicines can actually cause swelling in your gums which may create a false picture of gum disease. Past dental history helps us understand the background of present dental health and design an optimum treatment plan. Lifestyle history identifies areas that can pose a risk to your oral health. Smoking for example is one of the ONLY known factor causing gum disease.

Listen to You

We listen very carefully to your need/expectation without rushing you.

We will understand your need and ask you again to confirm we have understood your priorities

Check The Health Of Your Jaw Joint

We will examine your joint for any signs of stress, pain, clicking etc

Screen For Oral Cancer

We screen your cheek, tongue, lips etc for any changes that are not normal. In most cases oral cancer is painless at first. Oral cancer screening has helped Mahesh Nagpal to save patients’ lives and he takes this part of your check up very seriously

Check The Health Of Your Teeth

We examine each and every tooth for soundness of tooth structure, any decay, mobility and the integrity of previous filling/crown. This ensures that we can design a TEETH FOR LIFE program for you.

We will not undertake any cosmetic work in your mouth without first ensuring that your teeth are healthy and have a reasonable long term life prediction. Dental decay is the second most common disease in the world

Check Your Gum Health

Gums are like the foundation to the teeth. Gum disease is the most common disease in the world even more common than COMMON COLD. Gum disease is the reason why most adults need a tooth extraction. Good gums are the key to good health as a number of health issues are now being linked to gum disease. Did you know people with gum disease have a higher risk for stroke than a smoker or even a pre-term delivery in pregnant mothers have been associated with gum disease?

Take Digital X-rays and Intraoral Images

We will advise you about the fees involved and with your consent take the required DIGITAL XRAYS. Rarely, we may have to refer you for a scan. Digital xrays cause less radiation and the image quality remains the same for ever. DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHS are also processed in seconds and we can zoom the image to look at an area of interest closely.

If need be we use DIGITAL SATELAC INTRAORAL high resolution cameras to show you the intricate details of your mouth, this helps you in understanding your own mouth as a PICTURE IS BETTER THAN A THOUSAND WORDS and empowers you to make the right preventive and treatment choice.

Discuss Your Treatment Options

In most situations there are multiple treatment options for example a gap between two front teeth can be corrected by braces (pulling the two teeth together and then permanently fixing them), composite filling (adding a bit of tooth coloured material to the two teeth to increase their size and closing the gap), veneer (adding a small shell of tooth coloured material to the front and side of the tooth).

We will discuss all the treatment options with you. If appropriate, we use a patient education software from America called CONSULT PRO which will show you the procedure. Most patients find this very helpful in making the right choice.

Provide You With a Written Treatment Plan

Once we have made a decision about the best course of action, we will formulate a written plan keeping in mind your priorities.

Discuss Finance Options With You

Sometimes you would need help to spread the cost of your treatment. The options include dental insurance, monthly payment plan, 12 months interest free credit, loan at a competitive price. Whatever your needs are we will make your new smile affordable.

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