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Dear guests, this section is all about you and how at Mahesh Nagpal Implants and Family Dentistry I can be of help.

At Mahesh Nagpal Implants and Family Dentistry we firmly believe in adopting a fully consultative approach with our valued patients. Only by fully understanding your needs and expectations will we be able to provide the treatment and services appropriate to your condition.

As such, we will undertake a fully customised consultation with you during your first visit from which we will develop exactly the right treatment plan for you. We hope to establish a long and lasting partnership throughout which we will consult with you to adapt our dental treatment to your precise needs.

The information windows below outline our approach to treating a number of common dental conditions:

Are You In Pain Today?

Maybe you have had a raging toothache that may have kept you awake at night or is it a broken tooth or a lost crown? We take any patient emergency very seriously, most days I will be able to see you on the same day as a matter of priority.

I promise that I will relieve you of pain in minutes and not hours. This is my MINUTES CHALLENGE, if for any reason I am unable to relieve your PAIN within an hour I am happy to refund your fees for that appointment.

Are You Looking For A Trustworthy Dentist To Take Care Of The Oral Health For Your Family?

Are you looking for a trustworthy dentist to take care of the oral health for your family?

Mahesh Nagpal has over 20 years of general dental experience.

PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE is the underlying maxim of his treatment philosophy. You can be assured of a caring, friendly and professional approach with an emphasis on healthy teeth and gums through prevention hence reducing the treatment needs and bills for your family.

Do You Have No Teeth And Are Frustrated With Your Dentures?

Dentures have been used to replace all missing teeth for a very long time. They are not 21st century dentistry. If you are looking for a modern solution to secure or perhaps even get rid of your denture then we can be of help. Gordon Christensen, arguably the world's leading specialist in restoring teeth now no longer accepts lower full denture cases without two dental implants to support them.

Do You Have A Single Or Multiple Missing Teeth And Want A Long Lasting Modern Solution?

Dental implants or simply man made roots are the best option to replace missing tooth/teeth. At Mahesh Nagpal, Implants and Family Dentistry, we are on a mission to make this treatment option available to everyone who needs them. We do this whilst maintaining the quality of the outcome by increasing efficiency and thus reducing our costs and offer payment options to increase patient affordability.

Are You Not Entirely Pleased With Your Smile?

If we are lucky enough to be able to wear a fantastic designer wedding gown like the one Kate Middleton wore for her wedding day, can we wear that gown every day for the rest of our lives? Definitely not!

Would you like to do a simple survey the next time you meet somebody socially? The first thing which most people do when they meet somebody is make an eye to eye contact. Once they have exchanged the pleasantries they move from eye to eye contact to the mouth, from where the voice is coming.

Most of the time in a social situation in a personal interaction you are looking at the other person's smile and that is exactly where the other person is looking!

Now the Royal celebration is over, Kate cannot wear the hugely expensive designer gown or perhaps for that matter the most expensive jewelry in her wardrobe everyday. However, she can wear her smile EVERYDAY for the rest of her life. A beautiful smile enhanced by the services of a cosmetic dentist.

Your smile is perhaps the most value for money investment you can make to further enhance your personality and the best part is that it is now AFFORDABLE.


A large number of snoring cases can be successfully treated by our snoring device. Please feel free to book a FREE SNORING assessment to see if we can help you STOP SNORING.

Are You Nervous Of Dental Treatment?

Don’t worry. We have helped many guests in a similar situation. In fact, most of the very nervous patients are now our BRAVEST.

We offer a number of solutions for the nervous patient from Tender Loving Care to intravenous sedation sessions with qualified anesthetist for a RELAXED, SLEEPING AND HAPPY experience during a simple filling or multiple implant placement.

We promise you a PAINFREE dental experience to change your perception about dentistry.

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