Why Choose Us?

Why Choose the Services of Mahesh Nagpal, Implant and Family Dentist Southampton?

We firmly believe that the choice of professional dental service hinges on three key factors a) high quality dental care delivered by experienced staff b) a caring and consultative approach and c) value for money. At Mahesh Nagpal Implant and Family Dentistry we are confident that we offer all of these elements in abundance and that our long list of satisfied patients would support our claim.

Practice Philosophy and Ethos

We have built our practice philosophy and ethos based on years of experience and the feedback from our valued patients. Our consultative approach encourages all feedback and whenever a good idea or recommendation is offered, we strive to take it on board.

We have tried to capture the main elements of the services that we feel are of the most value to our patients below. However, if you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact us directly and we will be pleased to assist.

Trustworthy, World Class Dental Care

"We trust you Mahesh", is the single most common phrase that my patients will have ever used for me. I am passionate in my care for my guests. With more than 20 years of experience you can rest assured we would have successfully created and restored a wide range of healthy smiles.

Mahesh Nagpal has been placing and restoring dental implants since 1996. Mahesh Nagpal is one of the trained mentor for Association of Dental Implantology, UK the largest dental implantologist association in UK and he helps budding UK implant dentist with their implant skills.

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Preventative Health Focused Dentistry

Mahesh Nagpal is passionate about preventive health focused dental care. From the very first appointment you will be given invaluable tips to prevent dental disease as PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE.

As our valued guests we WILL:

  1. Listen carefully about your needs and expectations
  2. Understand your special demands and priorities
  3. Discuss all available treatment options including their pros and cons as applicable
  4. Create an affordable customized treatment plan keeping in mind your priorities
  5. Ensure that your HEALTH comes first and foremost

Our Guest Safety Charter

Primum non nocere is a Latin phrase that means "First, do no harm", a part of the Hippocratic Oath that Mahesh Nagpal took as a graduating  dentist in 1990 is a principle that is central to his treatment philosophy

"given an existing problem, it may be better not to do something, or even to do nothing, than to risk causing more harm than good."

I will only use evidence based, proven and well accepted treatment options for my guests which I am prepared to use for my own family.

When it comes to cross infection control  the team adheres to the highest level of infection control procedures and use disposable single use instruments wherever possible.

Painless Treatment

Pain and fear have long been associated with Dentistry. Mahesh Nagpal personally promises to change this perception about dentistry. In fact, if I am unable to deliver pain free dentistry I promise you a full refund of your fees for the involved treatment.

The journey for the nervous patient involves:

First appointment to understand the origin of your fear and discuss various options to overcome your worries. No dentistry will be done in this appointment apart from perhaps using a dental mirror to have a peep in your mouth if that is acceptable to yourself.

At the end of the visit YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EXPLANATION of what are the agreed steps to overcome any fear and or PAIN during your future visits. You will also be prepared WHAT TO EXPECT during and after future appointments to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

We will explain the planned treatment before we start. During the treatment you will be in full control, if for any reason whatsoever you would like me to stop, The only thing you would need to remember is where your left hand is TODAY. Your raising the left hand will bring all dental work to a grinding halt which will not resume till such time you are prepared to resume.

Interest Free Credit and Finance Options

Dentist are expensive, this is one the first thoughts that our guests have. Mahesh Nagpal Implants and Family dentistry promises to make world class dental care affordable. Our health focused preventive dental care is PROVEN to reduce your future dental treatment costs. We will make sure that you have a written treatment estimate before any long course of treatment and are aware of any fee involved beforehand. We provide advice regarding spreading the cost of your treatment from dental insurance, monthly small payment plan, 0 per cent finance to spread the cost of dental treatment for 12 months to small personal loans with a competitive interest to ensure you can afford the dental care you deserve.

Caring and Friendly Dental Team

Caring and Friendly Dental Team - with a team of team of dentist and dental nurses with a combined dental experience of over a 100 years you are always in safe hands. All the dentists and dental nurses are registered with the General Dental Council. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are committed to utmost guest care. Our team will listen to your needs and ensure your visit to the dentist is a memorable experience. Above all, as my guests you will have access to my personal mobile number to reach me in any time of your need.

Comprehensive Treatment Options

If the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems look like a nail. With Mahesh Nagpal, you would be assured that we will provide you with the full range of treatment options. So, If you are looking for regular care of your oral health, to replacement of a single missing tooth or want a fixed teeth solution from all missing teeth or maybe you wish a complete makeover of your smile or just want them whiter for an upcoming social occasion we offer you a complete range of treatment options.

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