Patient Testimonials

Dental Patient Testimonials

Testimonial 1

I had the pleasure of having Dr. Nagpal as my dentist at the University of Toronto School of Dentistry from February 3, 2004 to April 29, 2004. I was there to have surgery for two implants.

Dr. Nagpal is a very caring Doctor and excellent in his profession. Before surgery, he prepared me in advance by giving me prescriptions for an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial mouth rinse.

After surgery, when the freezing came out, I experienced absolutely no pain. I was shocked.

I highly recommend Dr. Nagpal to anyone that needs a dentist or dental surgery.

Karen Lavallee

Testimonial 2

I have but nothing but praise for you and your team.

I lost a crown and saw you to assess the various options. You offered 4 to me:-

  • denture
  • crown
  • bridge
  • tooth implant

All options were extremely well explained to me, together with the length of treatment and full costs. With no hesitation, I opted for tooth implant.

I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO REGRET. With each visit, you again discussed with me the actual treatment and never failed during this to enquire if I felt well.

I adhered rigidly to your advice re mouth hygiene to avoid infection and therefore never had any cause for concern. The treatment, with the exception of the deep clean (a little discomfort) was really painless and the care given to me was excellent throughout.

Your surgery, is being state of the art, filled me with total confidence – I had no concern regarding any aspect of it.

I thank you and your team for giving me my smile back.


Testimonial 3

I first started to consider implant treatment in 2006 and spoke to several dentists before deciding to go ahead with the treatment.

Dr Nagpal had just joined Totton Dental Centre and it was clear that he was by far the best qualified dentist in this field that I had spoken to. Dr Nagpal took great care to run through every aspect of the treatment plan that he felt was best suited to my needs and was extremely thorough in the way that he explained the course of treatment to me.

The treatment commenced with various scans and x-rays to establish exactly where to place the implants for best effect and to cause the minimum of discomfort to me. Once this had been completed the implants were placed, four in total, the operation was carried out in one visit lasting around four hours and after spending the rest of the day quietly at home I was able to return to work for half of the following day.

I needed a minimal amount of painkillers following the surgery and was amazed at the recovery rate over the following four or five days. There was some swelling on one side of my face which went down after two or three days. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Nagpal to anyone considering implant treatment, it was as I have said carried out with meticulous planning and with the minimum of discomfort to me. Thank you Dr Nagpal!

Stephen Binney

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